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There is something quite magical about standing on a bustling street corner in Mexico. If you could
capture the scene, wonderful and delicious smells rising from colorful food carts would
abound.  Smiling faces selling and eating special foods, wrapped in homemade tortillas, would
dominate the streetscape.  A few bites later, a swig of a drink, and a heartfelt gracias and these
people fade back into the busy streets and about their business.  This scene repeats itself day and
night throughout Mexico.  It is wonderful…  

Tuza is a passionate attempt to
capture “this scene” on any given street corner in Mexico.   An idea based on gracious hospitality,
exceptional pride of ownership, and simple delicious wholesome food.  
Standing on a very special street corner one August afternoon  in Mexico City, the
idea for Tuza was born.  Endeavoring to create  delicious and inviting street cart food,
offer creative and quenching drinks, and surround both in a great atmosphere for people to meet
and eat.

An exceptional restaurateur once noted, “ It is not hard to teach anyone the proper way to set a
beautiful table, what is impossible to teach is to care about setting the table beautifully.”  

We care deeply about “setting the table beautifully…”

We invite you to join us on our little corner on the Westside of Atlanta. Great authentic Tacos,
freezing cold beer, terrific drinks, and a taste of the irreplaceable spirit of hospitality and pride
that comes from doing something we love…